Mindmakers PR is Stockholm based PR agency that helps companies and organizations with creative marketing PR. We work all the way from analytical strategy to activity implementation in media and other channels. Mindmakers PR works both with B2C and B2B companies. With a strong focus on results, we build brands, strengthen client relationships and contribute to an increased sales of our clients’ products and services. Our services include creative concept development, strategic communications counseling, media relations, crisis communication, media training, opinion building, VD profiling, personal branding and social media.


Mindmakers PR is a part of BB Comm Group with BerntzonBylund, Socialminds and Wonderland Event as siblings. Our staff of 40+ creatives and account managers share offices in central Stockholm. Often we work individually with separate clients bit in many projects we work together closely over the borders.



Mindmakers PR has been ranked in the top among Swedish for several years. In 2015 we received silver, 2016 bronze, 2017 silver again and in 2018 we were nominated.

The annual competition is organized by REGI, and it’s all of the agencies’ (who have entered the competition) clients who are the judges. Results are based on thorough interviews with Swedish marketing directors. Naturally this makes us extra proud as the results show that our ambition to understand the customer’s business, add creative height and always deliver has been proven successful.


Mindmakers PR and BB Comm Group are members of ICOM, a global network of over 80 independent advertising and marketing communications agencies, spanning more than 60 countries and covering all major markets. Where companies with international needs can benefit from the seamless support provided by like-minded companies dedicated to driving brand success across borders, anywhere in the world.