Going to the toilet to do #2 is the most natural thing, but is still regarded as a stigma – especially amongst women. The fear of visiting the toilet can in turn lead to severe problems with constipation, and Sanofi offers a fast remedy with their product Dulcolax.

The assignment was to increase awareness of constipation amongst women within the age group of 18-40. We produced six short videos addressing different life situations which were spread on Facebook and Instagram – both through paid and own channels. As a complement, a nationwide survey was carried out with the aim of finding out how extensive the problem with constipation is, as well as if and how respondents perceive it to be related to her “toilet habits”. After receiving the interesting findings, a wide media outreach was conducted.

The social media campaign became a huge success, gaining high levels of relevance on Facebook (9 of 10 to 10 of 10) and deep engagement within the target group. The “toilet habit” survey acquired vast coverage in national and trade media, both print and online.